Payment Structure

July 11, 2009 by

There are lots of affiliate networks out there to choose from.

Pay-Per-Sale – This is the most common model in which you are paid only if there is a sale. If someone clicks on your affiliate link to visit the merchant’s site and buys something you will get paid. All merchants are different, but usually there is a time frame meaning if someone buys something from the merchant within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link you will still get a commission.

Pay-Per-Lead – Pay per leads commissions are usually small, but don’t worry you can still make money on this one. With this one you want to get an email address from the visitor for example they sign up for a free trial. Every company will be different.

Pay-Per-Click – This one is extremely rare since it is exactly as it sounds every time someone clicks on your affiliate link you get paid. There is too much click fraud on the internet to make it profitable for the merchant.

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