Link Building

June 22, 2009 by

Link building is one of the top ways to bring your rank up with the search engines. Google is the leader when it comes to search engines. One of the algorithms Google uses in determining who will rank #1 is how many sites are linked to your site. Not just any ol’ site will do they need to come from an authoritative site. By that site linking to your site it builds trust, tells Google that both these websites are relative to one another. If the community likes your site and wants to link to it so will Google.

There are also directories you can submit your link to. Yahoo directories and Google directories offer free submissions. When linking to a directory you want to make sure your link is in the appropriate category for your niche. And make sure you are linking to a directory that has high ranks of its own.

The internet has become very community orientated. You want to become an expert in your field so everyone else will want to link to your.

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