Keyword matching options

June 13, 2009 by

This one had me confused for a bit. I have been reading up on the difference between broad match and phrase match, but wasn’t really grasping the difference. This is what I found out about keyword matching. These options help you determine who sees your ad. You can set you keywords to have one of these four settings:

1. Broad match – keyword
2. Phrase match – “keyword”
3. Exact match – [keyword]
4. Negative match –keyword

Broad Match – You simply enter your phrase into Google without any quotes or brackets around it. This is goggles default to add keywords. Google can look at the search term and add keywords around it, or if your keyword is apple pie, and someone searches pie apple or homemade apple pie your ad will still show up.

“Phrase Match” – This is the one that got me because it seems to be the exact same thing as exact match, but it’s not. For phrase match you write your keyword in quotes. The keywords in your phrase have to be exact, but Google can add other search terms around it. So if your keyword is “apple pie” and someone searches for homemade apple pie your search will show up, but if the search is on homemade pie apple your ad will not show up.

[Exact Match] – You write this keyword in brackets. Your ad will show up only if the search term is exactly the same as your keyword.

-Negative Match – This allows you to block your ad if certain keywords are being used in the search query. If you only want someone to look up apple pie you could add crisp to your negative words just to make sure your ad didn’t show up for apple crisp when a search query was done.

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