What is Blogger

May 6, 2009 by

You will hear this term a lot! Blogger is simply a site to post your personal thoughts on – you can say whatever you want to say on it. Whether you are trying to promote something or just write a personal diary.

It is extremely easy to set up an account, and absolutely free. You only need an active email address to set up an account. One of the perks about Blogger is that it was launched in 1999 so it has been around for along time which means it has better rankings then a site that just went live today. Right now its page rank with Google is 7/10 which is great. Google is going to spider that site more often now which means your site will be looked at by Google more often. Of course it is not that easy – posts an entry on Blogger and be number 1 on the search rankings.

In the affiliate world you would use your Blogger account to promote your merchant or company. You want potential customers to read your blog and then go to your merchant. The more articles you have out there pointing to your landing page the better.

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