Types of Domain Name Extension

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Now what about the end extension in a domain name! Most people using the internet will assume a domain name ends with the extension .com. while I think it is fine to purchase another extension like .net or .org. The price of a domain name is really quite inexpensive so you might want think about getting the same domain name with the .org and .net extensions. You might start doing great on your affiliate site, traffic is good, and life is good. Someone might come along and buy the .net and .org extension of that same domain name and take some of your hard earned traffic.

.com extension is the most popular and most widely used; represents the word “commercial.”
.net extension is mainly used by internet service providers; represents the word “network”
.org is usually used by non-profit; represents the word “organization”
.biz represents the word “business”
.info is considered a credible resource site; the word represents “resource”

.mobi = mobile
.us = American web sites
.cc = Coco’s Keeling Islands
.bz = Belize (sometimes if a small business might use this extension if they can’t get .biz)
.tv = media
.vg = British Virgin Islands
.ws = Western Samoa (but is sometimes used as an acronym for “web sites”)
.name = Personal use
.co.uk = United Kingdom

A lot of thought should be put into choosing the right domain name. It will make optimizing your site for search engines that much easier.

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