The importance of page rank

May 11, 2009 by

Having a good page rank is a like a popularity contest with Google. One of the things Google considers when looking at your site is how many back links you have to your site. Some say that page rank is not as important as it use to be in ranking your website. Keywords and how many times you use relevant keywords, content, title and the URL are more important. I think it all matters if you are doing a good job with keywords and working on your back links page rank will follow. Here is a breakdown of what the page rank numbers mean:

Page rank 0-2 is any website that has just started out on the web.

Page rank 3-6 Proven sites that have good back links, most of these sites have been around for about 1 year.

Page rank 7-10 if you have this you can consider yourself a leader in that particular niche.

If you are using firefox as your browser you can utilize free firefox ad-ons.The one I use is SearchStatus this one has quite a bit of information. It displays pagerank on the bottom right of your screen, along with so many other tools that are just a click away. Keyword density, show whois, meta tags, link report, show backward links and more. This is a great tool to have for doing research. You can find serachstatus on the firefox website, just type in searchstatus download and install, takes just minutes to do.

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