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Now that you know you want a domain name which domain should you pick? You should give this a whole lot of thought! You want your domain name to be easy to remember, something that reflects what and who you are, what you are doing. Think about how someone would search for you on the internet. Think about which keywords someone would use to find you on the internet.

There are lots of free tools to help you understand what someone would search for. Keyworddiscovery is a great tool. If you type in the keyword chocolate you will get a large list of keywords related to the word “chocolate” You will also see how many times all the words related to chocolate were searched. Very helpful tool!

Also you will want to go to Google and type the keywords you found in quotes. So try typing “chocolate” you get 23,500,000 results! Now that will be hard to compete with. Not to mention the domain name “chocolate” will already be taken. So you are going to have to be imaginative, make it catchy and easy to remember. Try something like “chocolate mousse recipe” which produced only 33,400 results. You want to try to keep get your results to fewer than 10,000. The lower that number is the less competition you will have with that keyword.

So really pay attention to the keyword in domain name. You are going to want to spend sometime on this. This is the first thing people will read, it will be the name associated with your email accounts. So have fun and be creative.

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  1. Jenny Kumar says:

    I really liked your post.

  2. admin says:

    thanks! I am new to affiliate marketing. Trying to wrap my brain around what I do know, and everything I need to know!

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