How to start affiliate marketing

May 3, 2009 by

I have searched the internet looking for ideas, how to find the right keywords, what is affiliate marketing all about. I find that most sites have the questions, but finding the answer is the hard part. By the time I was done reading the article I really hadn’t found any new insight. Until I found Wealthy Affiliate, now this site does have a monthly fee. And no one including me wants to spend any money. We just want to count our money as it rolls in, but after talking with other people in the community on forums and doing the research I decided I needed some direction to get my business up and running. So I bit the bullet and signed up at the wealthy affiliate.

What do I think so far, well the amount of information I have come across is amazing. Thoughts and ideas I never even considered. There is a forum to talk with other members who are in the exact same position as you. As well as talk with members who have been exactly where you are, but by using the techniques explained at wealthy affiliate they now have a successful online business. So my posts are to show anyone how to start affiliate marketing. What works for me, and of course what doesn’t.

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