Google Trends

May 22, 2009 by

googletrendsA great way to compare the volume of two or more search terms is by using Google trends. It is very simple tool to use go to Google Trends type in your first keyword for example go ahead and type in chocolate. You will see a graph that shows the average worldwide traffic for the word chocolate. It shows what regions the word is most popular in. Now go ahead and place a comma after chocolate and write your second keyword for example chocolate, candy it will compare the traffic between the two search terms. So you can see where your traffic is coming from and which term is used as a search more often.

The horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical is how often the term is being searched. You can dig even deeper and find out where in each country it is more popular. If you click on New Zealand under Regions on the bottom you will see a new graph showing the traffic for your keyword in New Zealand.

This information is useful when trying to find out which keywords you want to use, especially if you are writing an ad campaign you will know which area you want to target.

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