Domain names with hyphens

May 13, 2009 by

Coins and plantI have been researching domain names with hyphens – should we use them or not? I can’t find any major search engine with statements regarding they like or do not like the hyphens or dashes. Over the years spiders have become smarter, they are able to parse through words with or without hyphens to make sense of the word.

The only reason I can see why you wouldn’t want to use a hyphen in your domain name is the simple fact that it is hard to remember. When someone is trying to remember your domain name they might not remember exactly where to put the hyphen. If they put the hyphen in between the wrong words or just leave it out there is a possibility of ending up on your competitor’s site. So if you have a business card, or you are telling someone hey check out my site. Maybe a hyphen isn’t the best way to go for the simple fact they might not remember exactly where that hyphen goes.

Now if you are an affiliate marketer it seems to me your real target would be well anyone. So your main goal is to bring in as much traffic to your site as possible by really promoting your site. You want to end up on the first page preferably the number one spot of the search result for your particular niche. So in my opinion I don’t think it matters, but will do some more research on it.

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